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Based in the UK -We Are Local To You & real people - Not Remote & Distant - thousands of miles away ...

I’m Carl – Your direct project manager and Creative Director.

I’m a business owner like you with a passion for marketing so know how crucial it is to have your website marketing working & optimised so you have a succesful business too.

I’ll actually visit you and am easily contactable. Yes, unlike other marketing experts I don’t work virtually or remotely which means I can visit you and your business to really understand your business.

You can get me direct on the phone for a chat when its convenient for you – that’s my number at the top – you don’t need to ‘book’ a call in advance.

I love technology and social media and how it can be leveraged to get actual material results to help businesses grow and thrive.

Most of all I’m here to do the specialised website marketing that you don’t want to do so you can focus on your area of expertise knowing you will always get more quality patients enquiring AND ( more importantly ) booking.